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    Optomation Systems provides remote emergency shutdown systems for Gas Natural Fenosa NGV filling service stations.
    This model of gas service station for Natural Gas Vehicle filling is different, in that the installations are unmanned, therefore requiring a higher level of automatic security, surveillance and the ability of remotely shutdown. The installation of emergency shutdown RTU’s, supplied and installed b...
    Optomation Systems supply Quivis RTU equipment for remote management of Gas Natural Fenosa GNL Plants
    Optomation Systems has been certified by Gas Natural-Fenosa for the supply of Quivis Remote Terminal Units (RTU’s) in Liquefied Natural Gas plants. Optomation is responsible for supply of hardware, software and installation.

    Using latest generation hardware, the Quivis units collect,...
    New Compact 104-key IBM XT Compatible Keyboard
    Many operational computer systems in military, industrial, educational and mainframe applications are still using the original XT keyboard.

    Today, no keyboard manufacturer continues to produce XT keyboards. The original chipset is obsolete and the level of demand is not considered suf...
    Opto22 introduces Groov
    Create a generic graphics interface for smart phones, tablets and computers, independently of operating system

    Opto22 Groov is a new addition to the PAC product line, for the design and installation of a simple interface for control systems, monitoring applications and machinery equip...
    Opto22 introduces Network LED Dimmers for low voltage LED lighting control via DMX512-A, Modbus or Optomux
    Offering flicker free control of 12/24VDC LED lamps, bulbs and strips, Opto22 introduces the single channel control module LED-SPCV-LV1000W, a network connected lighting dimmer unit. A compact unit, using Pulse Width Modulation technology (PWM), it is designed for remote control of luminosity (0-10...
    ScadaMobile “App Of The Year 2012” for the Opto22 PAC System
    In a joint venture with the catalan company SweetWilliamSL, Optomation Systems announces the addition of native support for Opto22 in the popular iOS application, ScadaMobile. The app allows a direct connection between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod) and any Opto22 PAC controller, either locally ...
    Responding to industry demand, Opto22 introduces SoftPAC
    Why do I need to buy a PLC controller when I already have a PC computer for my project?

    A solution for OEM markets, machinery control and automation projects which include a computer or panel PC, Opto 22’s SoftPAC works in exactly the same way as a standalone controller or CPU of a PL...
    Optomation Systems, awarded the modernization project for Madrid’s centralized meat wholesale meat market.
    Optomation Systems has been contracted to modernize the actual refrigeration system used in the centralized wholesale meatmarket Mercamadrid, considered one of the most important logistics centres in Europe.

    In this processing facility, the 25 most important wholesalers receive, proce...
    Control it all, right from your iPhone
    Now you can monitor and control all your Opto 22 SNAP I/O points and PAC Control variables, tables, and charts from your iOS device.

    The Opto iPAC app gives authorized automation engineers and control technicians quick access to status and values and the ability to change values or tu...
    Opto EMU now in Spain
    The OptoEMU, Energy Monitoring System [OPTOEMU-SNR-3V] quickly and easily collects energy data from your building, electrical subpanels, and individual high-energy use equipment like chillers and compressors.

    OptoEMU then delivers the data so you can view it online and use it in your ...