OPTO22 Products

Opto 22 Products

Optomation Systems is the official representative and technical support of the US manufacturer OPTO22 in Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

We have own stock of the most common components and we offer a specialized team of engineers for after-sales support and training of our Customers.

Through the following links, you can access a first information about the most current components.

OPTO22 pioneered the design and manufacture of optocouplated solid-state relays worldwide, from which its name comes. Co-founder of OPC technology for industrial Windows applications, he also pioneered new paths using Ethernet TCP / IP networks as communications networks for industrial control and acquisition systems, as opposed to classic serial-based buses.

Today, OPTO22 offers a wide range of devices to implement acquisition and control systems, from powerful Controllers to a full range of input / output modules or communications. All this is complemented with a software package for the programming, configuration and diagnosis of your equipment, as well as for the creation of HMI graphic interfaces.

For more detail, we suggest you visit the official OPTO22 website or direct your queries.