Opto22 introduces dimmers for low voltage LEDs for connection via DMX512-A, Modbus and Optomux

Opto22 introduces the control module LED-SPCV-LV100W, an LED dimmer for networking, which offers precision control for bulbs and 12 / 24VDC tubes. It is a compact solid state unit that operates by pulse width control (PWM). It is designed for the remote control of luminosity (0-100%) of LED units with 9-30VDC power, used in lamps, bulbs, tubes and light of rope. It is ideal for lighting design, stages, buildings, facades and applications that have the need to mix color or vary light intensity.

Connected to the RS485 network, dimmers can be integrated into lighting, automation or building control systems that support DMX512-A, Modbus / ASCII or Optomux protocols with up to 512 units per line. The protocols allow you to set the brightness level, make adjustments by ramp speed or brightness or create operating cycles.

Other popular applications include boat and vehicle lighting, where the energy efficiency and low voltage LED life span is very important.

The Dimmer incorporates a pushbutton for testing or varying the current locally, a connection for an external pushbutton and communication and operating indicators. For more information, contact Opto22 directly or Optomation Systems, your distributor for Spain and Portugal.

News published on December 20, 2012