Optomation Systems implements the network of electrical meters

Optomation has carried out the integration of electrical meters at the TETRA PAK plant in Arganda del Rey (Madrid). This is a project that specializes in Siemens energy monitoring systems, using SENTRON powermanager software and a multitude of counters (about 80) in the PAC series of the same manufacturer. The tasks of integration have included […]

Optomation Systems modernizes the control of MCC Mercamadrid.

Optomation Systems has been contracted to modernize the current refrigeration control of the Central Meat Market in Mercamadrid, considered one of the most important food logistics centers in Europe. In this center, the 25 meat wholesalers in Madrid receive, process, pack and distribute 72,000 tonnes of meat a year with 55,000 m3 of storage in […]

ScadaMobile App Of The Year 2012 for the Opto22 PAC System

As a result of a collaboration with the Catalan company Sweet William SL, Optomation Systems announces the incorporation of native support for Opto22 in the fashionable iOS application, ScadaMobile. This app allows for a direct wireless connection between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod) and any Opto22 PAC controller. The connection can be local via […]

Opto22 introduces dimmers for low voltage LEDs for connection via DMX512-A, Modbus and Optomux

Opto22 introduces the control module LED-SPCV-LV100W, an LED dimmer for networking, which offers precision control for bulbs and 12 / 24VDC tubes. It is a compact solid state unit that operates by pulse width control (PWM). It is designed for the remote control of luminosity (0-100%) of LED units with 9-30VDC power, used in lamps, […]

Groov View: build a generic interface for mobile phones, tablets and computers

Opto22 Groov is a new complement of the PAC line for the design and installation of a simple interface for control and monitoring systems, machines and equipment, using any mobile device or computer. Using only a web browser, Opto22 Groov offers a common interface for different hardware platforms and operating systems, able to work on […]

New XT keyboard, original specification IBM XT 104- keys

Many computers are still in operation for military, industrial and mainframe applications, using original XT keyboards. Today, no manufacturer continues to produce XT keyboards. The original chipset is obsolete and the level of demand is not considered sufficient to be commercially viable. However in Optomation Systems and true to our motto Connecting Technologies ?? We […]