Groov View: build a generic interface for mobile phones, tablets and computers

Opto22 Groov is a new complement of the PAC line for the design and installation of a simple interface for control and monitoring systems, machines and equipment, using any mobile device or computer. Using only a web browser, Opto22 Groov offers a common interface for different hardware platforms and operating systems, able to work on any computer, tablet or mobile.

The engineer connects the Groov server via network, using its functionality embedded with the tools and librarías of objects to develop screens and graphs to your liking. The programming is reduced to a graphic configuration without any knowledge of HTML5, SVG, JavaScript, PHP, WebServers, proprietary languages or operating systems.

The devices connect to Groov via wired or wireless network using an encrypted URL (https) with SSL (secure connection layer), a protocol for encrypting Internet information. They do not require any additional software or updates. The GroovBox ?? Is in charge of updating in real time screens, data and orders contained in them. Groov incorporates the latest advances in web technology to modify the final presentation, adjusting objects, images, graphics, registers, controls and even the presentation of CCTV, according to the resolution of the device screen.

For the first time the development of a mobile interface for a control system is available to all, while guaranteeing costs, development and implementation times and future compatibility.

For more information about Groov, contact Optomation Systems, Madrid.