Optomation Systems modernizes the control of MCC Mercamadrid.

Optomation Systems has been contracted to modernize the current refrigeration control of the Central Meat Market in Mercamadrid, considered one of the most important food logistics centers in Europe.

In this center, the 25 meat wholesalers in Madrid receive, process, pack and distribute 72,000 tonnes of meat a year with 55,000 m3 of storage in cold storage rooms. Its clients are butchers, hypermarkets, hotels, and restaurants not only in the Community of Madrid, but also in neighboring regions.

In collaboration with Gas Natural Fenosa, the market is installed a new centralized refrigeration system using natural gas for the production of cold, a more ecological method and oriented to the maximum reduction of energy consumption.

Optomation Systems is responsible for the supply, programming and installation of remote equipment and control of centralized compressors, a centralized web management system, the migration project and the installation of a new Ethernet communications network. The distributed system is based on the use of 30 latest-generation PAC drivers from the OPTO 22 brand.

January 10, 2012