Responding to industry demand, Opto22 introduces SoftPAC

Why do I have to buy a PLC controller if I already have a PC?

Responding to industry demand, Opto 22 introduces SoftPAC, a virtual controller for industrial control applications. Aimed at OEMs, machinery or projects that require the use of a PC or PC panel, SoftPAC functions as the CPU of an automata, but runs as a task inside a PC or laptop. SoftPAC software communicates with SNAP I / O bases connected directly to the computer or distributed over an Ethernet TCP / IP network.

Any control program designed under PACProject, the language par excellence for real-time control applications, can now be run on Opto22 physical controllers (SNAP-R and SNAP-S) or a SoftPAC virtual More service than Microsoft Windows.

PAC Project Basic software is suitable for any type or size of automation project, including control, visualization, operation or acquisition of industrial data in real time. Based on programming via flowcharts, it is backed by a language of 450 specific commands, simplifying any control function, to the implementation of Ethernet and Internet protocols. PAC Project Basic includes PAC Display, a tool for designing a professional HMI graphical interface, including alarms, logs, reports and data export, without license cost.

For more information and to obtain the free software, contact Opto 22 directly or Optomation Systems, your distributor for Spain, Portugal and North Africa.

August 12, 2012