ScadaMobile App Of The Year 2012 for the Opto22 PAC System

As a result of a collaboration with the Catalan company Sweet William SL, Optomation Systems announces the incorporation of native support for Opto22 in the fashionable iOS application, ScadaMobile. This app allows for a direct wireless connection between iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod) and any Opto22 PAC controller. The connection can be local via W-LAN or remote via Wi-Fi or GPRS / 3G / 4G. Among its possible applications, we highlight the monitoring of production and installations, maintenance support, remote control and notification of alarms and alerts in any industrial environment.

The full native support for Opto22 offers an incredible level of integration for any Opto22 PAC Project application. It also enables connectivity with Opto-EMU devices for power control and all Opto22 Ethernet brains.

The app is available for purchase directly from the Apple Store online store. You can obtain more information and support at Optomation Systems in Spain. Contact us directly to discuss your application, ideas or requirements.

December 18, 2012